5 reasons why to visit Austria

Austria is a beautiful landlocked country in Europe that is surrounded by Germany, Italy, Switzerland and other nations. There are over 8.5 million inhabitants and its capital is Vienna. Every year many tourists come to Austria to experience various things. Here are my top 5 reasons you should visit Austria at least once in a... Weiterlesen →

Is backpacking a good idea?

Backpacking is one the cheapest and most independent ways to see alot of a country. The definition is simple: "travel or hike carrying one's belongings in a rucksack" When backpacking you can plan the trip however you like. Beforehand you should determine if you want to travel by foot, train, bus, hitchhiking or even by... Weiterlesen →

Do I need to be a millionaire to travel?

  Social media is full of pictures of perfect vacations, luxurious accommodations and dreamy adventures that make you say: "I wish I'd have the money to travel." Thinking like this can be quite harmful because you start to compare yourself and believe that your life sucks. First of all it's important to understand that the... Weiterlesen →

Travelling alone

Have you ever taken a trip by yourself? Some people would never travel alone because they think it's not safe, they won't enjoy it that much or simply because they are scared to do so. These arguments are understandable but if you think like this you're missing out on something wonderful. Safety The first thing... Weiterlesen →

What to do in Upper Austria

Upper Austria is filled with stunning nature, interesting culture, history and sports activities for every season. This is a collection of things I really enjoy doing in Upper Austria and that might inspire you on days you don't know what to do. I hope you find something new you've never done or been to before,... Weiterlesen →

Top 10 dream travel destinations

Originally this post would have been called “Top 5 Dream Destinations” but I soon realized, that my list is way too long to shorten it to only 5 places. I am very blessed to be able to travel so much and it has always been my dream to travel around the globe and experience this... Weiterlesen →

Hallstatt – austria

Hallstatt is a charming city in Upper Austria with less than 1,000 inhabitants. One of its main attractions are the Ossuary and the small cemetery in the Catholic Church. It's fascinating to see hundeds of painted skulls in a small chamber. I'd recommend walking up the "Hallstätter Höhenweg" which starts at the back of the... Weiterlesen →

Egypt Nilecruise

Egypt is an incredibly beautiful country with an interesting history. Some of the amazing constructions I got to see were over 3,500 years old, which is unbelieveable. The cruise took us exactly one week and started in Luxor. First we visited the Hatschepsut Temple on the west side of the river. It's so special because... Weiterlesen →

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