Is backpacking a good idea?

Backpacking is one the cheapest and most independent ways to see alot of a country. The definition is simple:

„travel or hike carrying one’s belongings in a rucksack“

When backpacking you can plan the trip however you like. Beforehand you should determine if you want to travel by foot, train, bus, hitchhiking or even by plane. It’s also usefull to decide how your sleeping situation is going to look like. You can book hostels or hotels but there are also free options. You can take a tent with you and be as independent as it gets or you can rely on the kindness of others for example if you use couchsurfing.

The goal of a hitchhiker is to experience the culture, people and nature of a country with little luggage. The reasons are very different. Some want to travel eco-friendly, some want to save money, some want to experience the real way of living in a certain area, some want to be closer to nature and some want to be as independent as possible. Whatever your reason, here are some of the positive and negative sites to backpacking.


Positive aspects

⚪ As mentioned before one huge benefit especially for those on a budget are the cheap and often free accommodations. You’ll live closer to inhabitants and are able to see what life there really looks like.

⚪ If you don’t take a plane you’ll experience the landscape better and see how it changes. If you travel by foot you’ll generally see more of the country.

⚪ You can plan the trip however you want to. You are independent and can go wherever you want to as long as you haven’t booked an accommodation or picked a route beforehand.

Negative aspects

⚪ You have to carry your backpack, so you can’t take much stuff but downsizing also has benefits on its own. You’ll learn how to appreciate what you have more.

⚪ In some countries it is dangerous to travel this way. Always inform yourself about the political and social situation of a region.

⚪ There may not always be a supermarket around. If you go to cities you won’t have that problem but if you go deep into nature you’ll have to consider where your food comes from.

If you are interested, here are the safest places for solo travellers: New Zealand, Iceland, Japan, Austria, Vietnam, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Canada, Norway, Panama, Singapore, Chile, Finland, Indonesia, Germany, Argentinia, Sweden, Laos, Netherlands, Denmark

Thank you for reading and never forget, that life is an adventure.

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