Travelling alone

Have you ever taken a trip by yourself?

Some people would never travel alone because they think it’s not safe, they won’t enjoy it that much or simply because they are scared to do so. These arguments are understandable but if you think like this you’re missing out on something wonderful.


The first thing people comment on whenever I tell them that I’ve been to Spain, Turkey and the UK all by myself is my safety. First of all I’d like to put that into perspective. We live in the safest era to be alive – ever. The world has become more peaceful which most won’t believe because every little negative thing is spread by the media. If you truly look beyond the artificially created fear you’ll see that the majority of the people want to live a peaceful life and will help you if you are in need. Start believing in the good in people and you’ll see it.


Some think that it is not as fun and being able to share experiences with your loved ones is amazing but it’s kind of missing something for me. Absolute freedom. Freedom means responsibilty. When you go somewhere on your own you learn to take full responsibilty for yourself. There’s noone that could give you advice all of the time so you learn to help yourself and handle various situations better. You are able to go wherever you want to go and to do whatever you want to do without compromise. You improve your ability to plan and organise your time and other ressources. Even if you go for 3 days you’ll soon realize how dependent you are on others.


There’s no doubt that sonner or later you’ll have to speak to someone. I remember asking a stranger about directions to a museum in Madrid when we started an interesting conversation. We talked for more than 40 minutes and had a great time. I got to learn more about the actual life in Spain. In London I even made a friend who I exchanged numbers with and we visited a christmas market together. Connecting with people from all over the world is so interesting and you’ll definitly always learn something new.

In the end, the most important question is:

Why are you holding yourself back?

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