Top 10 dream travel destinations

Originally this post would have been called “Top 5 Dream Destinations” but I soon realized, that my list is way too long to shorten it to only 5 places. I am very blessed to be able to travel so much and it has always been my dream to travel around the globe and experience this world to its fullest. I already visited alot of destinations that once were on this list. Nevertheless, here is my current travel bucket list which may inspire you to go on a trip yourself.

10. Jamaica

Jamaica to me looks like the opposite of stress. The people seem relaxed, the landscape beautiful and the weather tropical warm. I get a sense of happiness and liveliness. The breathtaking beaches, carribean sea, the jamaican music and the delicious food are very appealing to alot of tourists. The country offers a wide range of water sports and activities that can be explored.


9. Sweden

Sweden has a beautiful architecture within its cities and stunning nature outside the urban areas. There are 29 national parks filled with forests, mountains, lakes and wild animals. I want to go to a typical scandinavian sauna and experience the famous Northern Lights. The culture and traditions in Sweden are very interesting as well. In winter the temperatures can get to -30° (-22 F) and there’s alot of snow that enables you to do various winter sports.


8. Peru

Peru has alot of natural and cultural treasures. The landscape is fascinating and the people are reported to be very nice, peaceful and friendly. The many handcrafts combine culture, art and exceptional skills. Of course there is also the famous Machu Picchu in the Andes that displays the Incan culture. The cuisine is said to be one of the best in all of America. It may be due to the mixing of cultures and variety of climate across the country.


7. New Zealand

The South Island of New Zealand is one of my top dream destinations because of its beautiful nature, national parks and diverse bird population. Standing on the highest peak, the Mount Cook, you have a picturesque view of the country. The combination and varieties of beaches, mountains and forests is what makes this country so attractive to me.


6. Marrakech in Marocco

Marrakech is a popular travel destination because of the richness in colour, the markets and its interesting history. There are museums that showcase a collection of historic artworks and crafts. I also want to visit a Hamman, which is a traditional thermal bath and taste the delightful cuisine. The historic city centre Medina is a UNESCO World Heritage and a must-see when visiting Marrakech.


5. Iceland

Iceland is appealing because of various reasons. One of them are the Northern Lights, which look stunning there. Another one is the amazingly beautiful nature, glaciers and geothermal baths. The Midnight Sun is an experience I wouldn’t want to miss. Also in Iceland the chance of seeing a whale is quiet high and their traditional horses are very unique. Because of the harsh living conditions the icelandic cuisine is rather simple and includes few ingredients.


4. South Africa

South Africa is the homecountry of one of my favourite humans ever, Elon Musk. I am intrigued by the animals in this country and can’t wait to go on a safari and see a wild giraffe in person. I also want to visit the penguins on the Boulders Beach. The landscape is stunning and can be seen from the Blue Train, a luxurious trip that’s worth considering. The Valley of Desolation is another amazing landscape to experience. Furthermore you can see the meeting point of the Indian and the Atlantic Ocean and enjoy the sun on beautiful beaches.


3. Paris in France

The capital of France and its Eiffel Tower are on my list since a very long time. I love french fashion and would like to visit the Fashion Week there once. The city is so romantic and has alot of fantastic restaurants and cafés with decent pastry. The Louvre is one of many interesting museums Paris has to offer and the Notre Dome is like the Eiffel Tower a must-see.


2. Mykonos in Greece

Mykonos is a charming destination. Its white and blue architecture and the crystal-clear water and golden sands are definitely worth visiting. There are alotVariety of luxury accommodations and some even say it’s the more expensive Santorini but you can still keep it at a reasonable price. Mykonos is also a good place to shop, eat and relax. There are alot of photo opportunities because of the picturesque scenery.


1. New York in the US

My top dream destination is New York. I love the variety of cultures and the combination of old and new. There is just so much to experience in the city that never sleeps. I love the fashion and shopping opportunities there. The skyscrapers are something I really want to see because I’ve never been around buildings this high. Of course I also want to see the Statue of Liberty and the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. In New York you can find food from all around the globe and the music scene is huge. The Central Park is also very appealing and generally being in such a big melting pot must be quiet interesting.


Have you ever been to any of those countries or would you like to visit one of them?

Thank you for reading.

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