things to do in vienna on a short stay

Vienna is the capital of Austria and has nearly 2 million inhabitants (a quarter of all people living in Austria). It is frequently visited by tourists from all over the world and is a cultural centre with a long history. Here is a short guide in the form of lists of all the things you should experience in Vienna if you only stay for a couple of days.

Cultural sights and sightseeing

⚪ Schönbrunn Palace and the Gardens
⚪ Hofburg
⚪ St. Stephens Cathedral
⚪ Natural History Museum
⚪ Art History Museum
⚪ Prater (Public park with old-time amusements)
⚪ Hundertwasser House

Restaurants, cafés and pubs

⚪ Café Nero (Cat café)
⚪ Café Aida
⚪ Restaurant Schank zum Reichsapfel
⚪ Restaurant Schachtelwirt
⚪ Restaurant Knödel Manufaktur (Focus on dumplings)
⚪ Hard Rock Café
⚪ Naschmarkt (Vast market)

Night life

⚪ Vienna State Opera
⚪ Club Techno Hide Out
⚪ Club Chelsea (Live concerts, daly changing DJs)
⚪ Club Viper (Underground)

I hope this guide helped you and never forget that life is an adventure.

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