My first days – moving to London #1

On wednesday I landed at the Stansted Airport in London with a calm and optimistic attitude about the journey I am about to take. I still remember the sad face of my mother when I got on the train to the airport. I already miss them but I don’t want to think about that too much. There are more important things right now to focus on. First I met my real estate agent and signed the rental contract. The quick-tempered italian agent drove me to the property having a very aggressive driving style and swearing alot because of reasons I couldn’t quiet understand. Even though he was very nice I never trust people like him because once you are not around they also talk negatively about you.

The flat is small, central and more than okay for its low price. There are 4 people I share it with. It’s my third day and still have met only two of them. Who knows what the other ones are doing. Maybe they are vampires and only go out after midnight. Yeah that must be it, I convince myself. The neighbourhood is sweet. That’s the only way I can describe it. All of the buildings have 5 floors and pretty much look the same. The next train station is only a few metres away and the next stop is the Bank station, just to put things into perspective.

As for social interactions, the people here are very friendly. Everyone immeditaly helped me with my luggage or asked if I needed something whenever I looked a little bit lost or confused. I’ve already talked to a few locals and even got alot of tips about living here or where to find free courses to improve my English. I still have to get used to the amout of people though. There are about as many inhabitants in London as there are in the entirety of Austria! How crazy is that?

Nevertheless that’s it for my short update on how my life is going. I plan on making more because I enjoy writing them. It’s also cool to look back and dwell on memories. I really hoped you liked this post and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask them below or via my Instagram @LenasVision and I will happily answer them in my next post.

Always remember that life is an adventure.

If you are interested in immigrating into the UK you might consider visiting this website for helpful information and advice:

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