Things to do in london for free – living in london #2

No one can argue with the fact that London is an expensive city to live in. Especially because I didn’t have a job yet I looked for free things to do in the city. Instead of just staying at home I looked for opportunities. This is a summary of everything I found out you can experience without spending any money.


⚪ Victoria and Albert Museum

⚪ V&A Museum of Childhood

⚪ Science Museum

⚪ British Museum

⚪ Tate Modern

⚪ National Gallery

⚪ Museum of London

⚪ Natural History Museum


Even though it’s february and somewhat cold I still enjoy going to parks a lot. You can go there to take a walk or simply escape the busy city for a while. The biggest ones are:

⚪ Hyde Park, which has a beautiful lake

⚪ Richmond, which is home to over 600 deer

⚪ Regents Park

⚪ Kensington Gardens

⚪ Bushy Park 

There are also many more. Some smaller ones even have special traits like the Crystal Palace Park, where you are able to view dinosaurs.

Bus rides

If you want to get a overall feel of the city and have a travelcard you could consider going on a bus ride and exploring the streets from a different perspective. You’d be surprised by how different certain areas here look and feel. I suggest you go on a double-decker bus and just observe how the buildings and streets change right in front of your eyes. This option is also great if you are done walking and want to rest your feet for a while.
I also love taking the underground to travel to stations or areas I’ve never been to and just explore wherever my feet take me.

Typical Tourist Sights

These are the sights everyone visits on school trips and that are on the first pages of every travel guide.
Please keep in mind that most of these sights require a ticket if you want to go inside but it’s always worth it to visit and look at them from the outside as every one of those sights is unique.

⚪ Tower Bridge (and Tower of London)

⚪ London Bridge

⚪ London Eye

⚪ Buckingham Palace (and Changing of the Guard)

⚪ St. Pauls Cathedral and Church

⚪ The statue of Eros (in Picadilly Circus)


London’s architecture is simply stunning. I stand in awe everytime I discover something new or see the giant skyscrapers in the centre of the city. You can find a mix of modern and antique structures and buildings. Personally I prefer a combination of both. I love the feel of the old, traditional architecture mixed with modern, stylish buildings and streets.

My personal favourites so far are:

⚪ Soho

⚪ Notting Hill (Portobello Road)

⚪ Trafalgar Square

You might also want to visit Abbey Road, which is famous because of the Beatles.

I really hope this list helped you especially if you are on a budget in London and don’t know what to do. All you have to do is look for opportunities around you and always remember that life is an adventure.

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