What i miss about austria – living in london #3

A city as big as London has a lot to offer but also a lot that it’s missing out on. After only about a month I started to realize that there are alot of things I miss about my homecountry. This list is ordered by importance and by no means do I want to complain. These points are simply observations I made after moving from a town with 3,000 inhabitants to a city with 9,200,000 inhabitants.


Obviously your loved ones are the hardest to let go of, especially if you’ve lived with them in the same house for all of your life. Home is not a place. It’s the people that are in our hearts.


Having a forest to myself is one of the things I miss most about my beautiful homecountry. Just having quiet space to yourself and going for a walk without having to meet someone is some introverts dream.
There are in fact a lot of really nice parks here but it’s not quite the same. You’ll definitely run into groups of people, especially in Hyde Park or smaller ones but I have yet to discover more of them!


Although England has high quality tab water, it still tastes off. I am used to very clean, fresh water that has no taste at all.
I actually used to buy it for the first 2 weeks here but figured it’s not the most sustainable way. I guess I just have to adapt to the weird and dead tasting tab water.


Pollution is a huge challenge here. You’ll get used to it quickly but it still damages your health and the environment. There is actually a special zone, where cars have to pay extra fees to drive through so traffic can be reduced. Hopefully electric cars or more people using public transport can solve that problem.


Expressing myself can get very hard, even in my native language so speaking without any effort is something I miss. This is propably the easiest point to overcome as my speaking skills get better with every conversation I have.

Private Space

If you walk around the busy centre you can’t walk at your own pace. You have to adapt to the paths of other people because there are so many in one spot.

All in all I am very grateful and happy to be able to experience this city with all its ups and downs. Never forget, that life is an adventure.

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