how to find cheap flights

Most people view travelling as a good thing and have many dreams or destinations they want to visit. Unfortunately, some are unable to do so because they simply don’t have the budget for it. Flying is often one of the biggest expenses so it is important to know the right tricks to keep these costs as low as possible. Flying in general is awesome and enables us to go from one side of the world to another within just a few hours and it does not have to be extremely expensive. Here are my tips on how to find cheap flights.

General rules

One of the most important tricks I have learned is to always search for flights or hotels in an incognito tab. This is due to the cookies on the websites. They save your search history and can then recommend you the more expensive options or manipulate the adverts you see.

Another important thing to remember while planing your trip is to consider starting it on a tuesday or wednesday because generally that’s where flights are the cheapest. The busiest days are friday to monday, which makes sense if you think about it. Most people want to go on holiday from for example saturday to saturday or monday to sunday and most business flights are around that time as well.

Booking early

One wise thing to do is to book in advance. Personally, I always find the cheapest flights when I book them about 3 months before the actual trip.

Booking Last-minute

Booking last-minute can be risky but worth it. Some airlines even offer 1€ flights or very cheap ones when you arrive at the airport without a ticket.
For me this method does not work out because I like to plan everything in advance but I heard stories of people having great success with it. Especially if you are a spontaneous person or have an upcoming flight to book, I’d recommend you try booking last-minute.

Airlines and websites

One of the best websites out there is It helped me out a lot already because it is easy to use and most of the time has the cheapest flights.
Sometimes I search on as well, as it offers some awesome deals. is another website, which focuses on low budget travelling.

I hope these tips will help you find the cheapest flights for your next holiday and never forget that life is an adventure.

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