Brighton – South England

On a sunny weekend in mid-April I got on a train and found the perfect seat next to a window. While we made our way through the changing landscape I daydreamed about the beach, waves and sunshine. Clouds accompanied us and it seemed as if they knew exactly where I was going. Soon I’d be at the station and can cross one point off my bucket list. A dream come true.

When I stepped onto the streets of Brighton I took a deep breath. The air was very refreshing. I heard my tummy rumble and made my way to the nearest cafe, which happend to be a French one with a girly and cute feel. I enjoyed a lovely simple breakfast before heading to the hostel I was staying at. My accommodation was located next to the beach and wasn’t luxurious but everything I had expected.

After checking in I immediately went to the beach and sat down next to the water. There were some people walking their dogs and a family with two kids who clearly enjoyed the open space. I closed my eyes and listened to the waves crash, the children laughing and felt the cool wind on my skin. Before I knew it the calm surroundings had put me to sleep.

About 2 hours later I awoke, realizing that I had slept on rocks and not knowing what time it was. The sun started to vanish and grey clouds took its place. I was hungry. Shortly after I arrived at a Asian restaurant it started to rain heavily. The weather was weird because about half an hour later it was very sunny and warm again.

I spent the whole afternoon strolling through the city, shopping a bit in the lanes, visiting a library and the Royal Pavillion, which looks as if it belongs to India.

In the evening I met the people that would share the room with me for the night. They all went to sleep pretty soon because most of them participated in the Brighton Marathon the next day. They had interesting stories to tell and one Irish guy named Charlie had the most charming accent.

On Sunday morning I woke up well rested and ready for the day. After a typical hostel breakfast, which consisted of bread, butter and jam, I headed to the Palace Pier, which is one of the most famous sights in this city. I watched people go on roller coasters and was glad that I didn’t have to go on one of them. I ate a delicious vegan Falafel near the coastline and loved how many different people I got to see.

After lunch a lot of people gathered next to the streets to watch the first marathon runners cross the finish line. I waved at Charlie but he was too tired and fixated on the finish line to notice me. I was amazed at how these people just finished running 42 kilometers and for 4 hours straight.

Soon I got bored so I continued my walk through Brighton only to be stopped by a group of young men. One offered my untouched strawberry and vanilla ice cream explaining that his friend changed his mind and doesn’t want want it anymore.
In a small park I enjoyed the sweet taste of this cold treat and the warm sunlight shining on my face.

My trip was slowly ending and I spent the last hour in a cafe working while drinking a strawberry smoothie, which was delicious. I got on the train back to London with the impression of Brighton being a lovely city. I loved every minute of being there. It seems to me like a small London but cuter and with the sea nearby. All in all it can be said that Brighton is definitely worth visiting and has a lot to offer.

Thanks for reading and never forget that life is an adventure.

Have you ever been to Brighton? Do you want to visit it?
Leave a comment and let me know.

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