Who are you?

I’m Lena, I said.

No, they replied. That’s your name. Who are you?

I am a writer.

No, that’s what you do. Who are you?

I am human.

No, that’s the shell you are in. Who are you?

I am happy. I am love. I am peace.

Those are your emotional states. Who are you?

I am particles and waves, matter and energy.

That’s what you are made out of. Who are you, really?

I am divine. I am god. I am the dirt on the ground.

I am the birds that fly past the window.

I am the old lady with her wooden basket in the supermarket.

I am the flower that blooms in spring next to the tree in the forest. I am the forest. I am everything.

I am you, and I am me.

I am here, and I am now.

But most importantly: I am.

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