What is really real? What do you choose, the red or the blue pill? Are you ready to see how deep the rabbit hole goes?

Trapped within a human body

Humans experience the world around them only through their 5 senses. It is proven that there is more than that. Let’s take infrared and ultraviolet light or other electromagnetic waves as an example. There is so much out there we can’t directly perceive.

You can only experience what you see, feel, taste, hear and smell. Even those can’t be trusted because they are disorted by your memories and mental conditioning.

If you smell a tomato your brain automatically creates an image of that thing you smelled based on what you have tasted, smelled, seen, heard and touched in the past. So your current reality is created by thoughts about the past.

You are in the dark, literally

Your brain sits inside your skull, in the dark and tries to figure out the world by interpreting the electrical impulses it gets from your nervous system. Your ears take sound waves, convert them to electrical signals through a membrane and then send those signals to your brain, which is trying to interpret the whole thing.

This means that how you perceive the world is not real. It’s seen through a filter. Is there even an objective reality? Ever single leave on a tree experiences life in a different way. Is reality then the sum of all experiences?

The tiny stuff

We have already established that the way humans experience the world is not real. It’s made up individually for every person. That’s why two people can experience the same event but interpret them completely different.

Did you know that atoms are 99.99% empty space? You might look at a chair and think that it is completely solid. That is not the case. Apart from all the sensations that happen right now but we just can’t experience due to our limited senses, most of what we see isn’t even there in the first place. Atoms are mostly empty which means most objects are mainly empty space. Yet, it doesn’t seem like that to you, even though that’s the reality.

What does all this mean?

All this means that reality is an illusion created by your brain. Your reality is not the objective truth but rather your subjective interpretation of your senses controlled by thoughts about the past. Don’t fall for it as there is much more to the universe and the world around you than what you perceive.

Unfortunately you will never experience the objective reality, if there is one, within your human form. As long as you are human you experience life through your senses.

Know that you know nothing

It can be scary to think that we virtually know nothing about the way things really are. At the same time that’s a wonderful thing. There is so much to explore, so much to be curious about.

There is also no need for you to know everything. You are way more powerful than you think. The power I am talking about is a force that cannot be properly expressed in words or thoughts. Always dig deeper, Neo. And never forget, that life is an adventure.

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