Often times we think we need our work to be perfect to matter. Many people that have something valueable to contribute to this world hold back because they think they are not good enough. How often has that happened to you?

What do you really need to be successful?

It may be a very cliché thing to say, but the only way to be successful is to actually start. Obviously a doctor needs to meet certain criteria and undergo a specific training but for most other things you don’t need to study for years or be the best of the best.

These thoughts are actually you sabotaging yourself and delaying success. Maybe you are afraid to start because that means you could fail. So you continue daydreaming because that way the outcome is controlled by you.

The perfect timing

Sometimes it is your fear of not having, knowing or being enough. You think you have to master marketing first before launching your product. You might think you don’t have the right connections to be a successful actor or you need to have two more kids before publishing your parenting book.

Just know that there will never be a perfect time. (Another cliche, I know) But seriously, think about it: The only time is now. God forbid but you could get hit by a bus tomorrow. You already have everything you need to become the person you want to be within you. Just start and all the info you need or the topics you need to research will reveal themselves.

Comparison is the thief of joy

Another way perfectionism blocks you from achieving success is comparison. You might start a youtube channel but after seeing a creator with a huge following you start to lose hope. You might question what the point of your efforts are and that you will never be as big as them.

There is one problem with this. You forget that these people too started with 0 followers. They also didn’t know what they were doing but they kept going and tried and learned without stopping.

What success really is

It is easy to lose yourself in the game, so it is important to always remember your goals. Everyone defines success in a different way. What is success to you?

Some people want to have a million dollars on their bank accounts. Others find success in earning 5,000 dollars a month and some people don’t define their success through money but by how many people they have impacted. Specifiy what you want to achieve and break it down in small steps.

You will never be perfect, so just start creating.

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