A few months ago I stayed off social media for a whole week and noticed amazing results in my personal life. I also set some boundaries for my future internet usage and was pretty optimistic about it.

Unfortunately I quickly adopted my old negative habits again. Now I am quite frustrated how easy it was to completely forget about all the goals and ambitions I had. What happened?


The internet is an unique tool that can be used to create amazing things, projects, build skills and knowledge and to connect with people from all over the world. It simply makes my life better and easier in so many ways. Still, it depends on how you use it on a day to day basis.


Entertainment is only one click away. Why would I want to do hard things when dopamine is in the next TikTok, Instagram post or YouTube video?

It has become so easy for us to distract ourselves from the most important things. We get sucked into topics we ultimately don’t care about or that have no real value to our personal lives.


It all comes down to how you use your phone, computer or tablet. Do you spend most of your time on it researching, learning and educating yourself? Or do you just like to consume entertainment?

Do you realize what an amazing opportunity it is that you have every time you pick up one of those devices? I do. Yet still, I use the internet mostly to distract myself from real life or to procrastinate on hard things that would have positive effects on my life in the long-term.


Maybe it is time for another digital detox. Clearly, my boundaries of 30 minutes a day per app haven’t worked. I am now devoting at least one day per week where all social media apps are totally blocked and I am not able to use any of them. Monday is the best day for me. This will help keep my mind clear and focused on the tasks I want to accomplish that week.


Maybe you want to join me on my journey of becoming the best version of myself. Digital detoxing can take different shapes.

Take it day by day. Start by becoming aware of your usage first. Look at the analytics at your phone and choose a reason. Why do you want to reduce your screen time or time spent on social media? Whenever it gets hard, remind yourself of the reason.


What suits your schedule best?
You might want to take a day per week off or maybe it is best for you to spend a week or a month a year without certain apps. Commit and set a date for your detox.

Yes, it can get hard. Usually you reach for your phone in so many situations. Bored? Instagram. Akward social situation? Twitter. Waiting for something? Pinterest.
Try to find other, more productive ways to fill those spaces. Start by allowing yourself to feel bored, akward or impatient. It is okay, you don’t need to distract yourself.

I believe in you. Together we create a better life for ourselves. Never forget, life is an adventure!

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