Why are there millionaires in this world that are depressed? How come that people who live in extreme poverty can still be happy every day? It all comes down to one thing. Let’s discuss it.


What do you focus on on a day to day basis?
Is it your lack of money? The fact that you don’t have friends or hate your job? What consumes most of your mental energy?

You see, most people focus on the things they don’t have but think they should. This creates resistance to the present moment. You believe that the here and now is not enough. You think that something needs to happen for you in order to be happy.

Let’s take romantic relationships as an example. A single might see a couple on the streets holding hands and think to themselves: „I wish I was in a loving relationship like they are“

Not only do you glorify what other people have, you also undermine your own life. You might think that you can only be happy once you find your significant other. Obviously this creates unhappiness and makes you think you lack something in your life.

But what should I do instead?


If only you would realize that everything you need is already within you. The one thing for a happier life is quite simple: gratitude.

Every day, look at the things you already have. Get rid of your entitlement and realize what good of a life you have. Everything is a gift given to you by god/the universe/fate/nature or whatever else you believe in.

The fact that you are alive is a gift in itself. The ability to breathe on your own, to see (colour), to smell, to be able to talk, to walk, to love and so on are all gifts for you to be enjoyed. Not everybody gets them.

Realizing this shifts your perspective to see what you already have. You start to notice and appreciate your blessings more. Instead of wishing to be in a relationship you might realize what a gift it is to be single and have the time to improve yourself or how wonderful your friends and family are.


Right now, take a minute and think of 3 things you are grateful for. Ask yourself: What could I not live without? Picture them in your mind and feel how wonderful and happy this makes you feel.

Here is an example if you struggle with this exercise:
I am grateful for my cat.
I close my eyes.
I imagine petting her and cuddling her. I see myself playing with her.
This makes me feel warm and relaxed and I start to feel grateful that I even have the opportunity to have her in my life.
I now connected the thought to an emotion.

Get up every day and do this exercise first thing in the morning, it will change your life forever.

There are also so many useful tools like The 5 Minute Journal that can assist you in staying aware and grateful throughout your day.

That’s why millionaires can be depressed and people living in extreme poverty can be happy: it all comes down to perspective (seeing what you have) and gratitude (appreciating what you have).

What are you grateful for?

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