Some people love travelling and have a long bucket list of places to visit. Others are very undecisive about where to go and then there are people like me: I want to see it all. This leaves me with the question: What direction is the best for me?

The destination of your dreams doesn’t exist

Sure, there are many magical places that will leave you speechless. But please don’t overromanticize or overthink where you are going. This happened to me too.

I looked up the destinantion, saw fantastic travel pictures and immediately thought that everything there is perfect. Well, I set some pretty unrealistic standards for myself and felt a bit dissappointed when I actually arrived.

No place is perfect. There are pros and cons to everything. Don’t be fooled by pretty, edited pictures. Rather let yourself be surprised by what you will find.

The purpose of your trip

Why do you even want to leave home in the first place? No matter if you want to travel for a week or a year, set an intention for your trip to make it more meaningful.

For when I went to Spain for 2 months I simply chased the sun and wanted to enjoy warm weather. When I went to London for a year I wanted to improve my language skills and meet new people and when I went to Innsbruck in Austria for 2 days I just wanted to change scenery and explore a bit. It can be anything.

Choose your purpose first and you are able to narrow down the possible destinations.

A long list of dreams

Are you one of those people who have endless destinations in mind but can’t decide where you want to go first?

One way to approach this is to throw a dart at a world map and go wherever it lands. This can be a lot of fun.

If you want it to be more predictable, think about what you really want to see. Imagine you are going to die tomorrow. What would you not want to miss out on?

May it be stargazing in the desert, dancing in the rainforest, taking pictures by the Eifel Tower, seeing a lion in real life, enjoying the beaches on the Maldives, eating authentic Indian food or swimming with dolphins in New Zealand. What would be the last thing you’d wanna do?

Just go

Another way to make picking a travel destination more fun is by just going to where it is cheap. Go on any booking platform and look for the cheapest flight. Research the cheapest countries around you and just go.

Do this for only a few days or a weekend and you will become more inspired by what is actually possible.

You can also just explore what is around you. Hop on a train or go by car and just drive without any destination in mind. After 2,4 or 6 hours, get off and explore the area around you. Don’t look for a hotel online but rather try to find one while exploring.

That way you still have an exciting adventure without the pressure of flying or having to plan and book your trip. You will also be surprised by what was around you all along.

Never forget, life is an adventure.

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