After months spent travelling Spain and my home Austria, I once again returned to my favourite city – London. This time with the intention to stay longer than I did before.

Phase one: arrival

The arrival was aweseome. My best friend picked me up from the airport and I felt like I am home again. I love being amongst the unique architecture, people speaking in a British accent and the interesting diversity that exists in a city as huge as London.

My short-term plan was to:

-find a suitable job where I can see myself in a long-term career in
-stay in hostels so the costs are as cheap as possible
-find an amazing flat to rent with my best friend close to central

Phase TWO: Jobsearch

Job search is fairly easy for EU citizens in the UK. I already started to apply for roles while I was still in Austria. There are useful websites like or that make job applications quite fast and easy. I also started to work with recruitment agencies. Those find and connect you with suitable companies.

The first few weeks I had some telephone interviews that led nowhere. This was discouraging as I knew how much untouched potential there was inside me.

Job search was difficult for me as I was very uncertain about what kind of work I wanted to do in the first place. I was interested in many different industries but was unsure about what I really wanted to do.

After not hearing back from anyone after about 5 weeks I started to become a bit stressed. I knew that time was against me. There was financial pressure put on me. At this point I let go of the idea of finding something I wanted to long-term and searched for just any job that would pay my basic expenses for the next weeks to come. Frustration was upon me.c

phase three: quarterlife crisis

After spending a month in London, I was very frustrated. Even though I really, really enjoyed my time here and had loads of fun nevertheless, my plan did not work out as I hoped it would.

I knew that if I didn’t start a job by the middle of march, I would have to go back to Austria because I would not be able to support my lifestyle here anymore. The future did not look too rosy so I started to doubt my decision. Maybe I am not supposed to be here? On the other hand, was it not my only dream right now to be here?

I was torn. There was the optimistic Lena who believed that I will soon find a suitable job and that there is nothing to worry about and there was the pessimistic Lena who already wanted to book the flight back to Austria.

Was this the end of my dream?

To be continued…

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