Travelling is one of my biggest passions. I love seeing new things, experience different cultures and generally just love the thrill of it. I am sure that a majority feels the same way.

To make your trip as smooth and interesting as possible I gathered some common mistakes I see people make whilst they are travelling. I hope you can avoid these in order to have the best trip possible.

1 Not leaving all inclusive hotels

I get it, I also love all inclusive hotels from time to time. You do not have to worry about anything and sometimes it can feel like a little paradise. But do not forget that all this is artificial. It has almost nothing to do with the country itself. Hotels like that are built to please international tourists. Leave the hotel and explore the area around it or take a day trip to another interesting location to really get to know the area.

2 Sticking to food you know

It is definitely a mistake if you do not try local food. Try new things. I made this mistake in Malaga, Spain when I found a really good restaurant and went there a couple of times instead of trying something new. Find out what the locals eat and expand your culinary horizon.

3 comfort over experience

While travelling the adventurous way your goal should not be to be as comfortable as you can. In fact, the exact opposite is the case. Seek discomfort. Expand your comfort zone because only then can you make big leaps in personal development and you might make experiences you will never again forget.

4 Wearing expensive clothes

It is obvious that showing off expensive clothes, handbags or sunglasses might attract thieves, especially in poorer countries. Ask yourself: is it really necessary?

5 new year, Same location

It is obvious that in a world as big as ours it is a waste to visit the exact same location or even hotel over and over again. There is so much more to see on planet earth. Make use of it. Throw a dart at a map. Ask someone for recommendations. Watch travel documentaries.

6 touristy souvenirs

Le us be real here: In most cases souvenirs are a waste of money and space in your travel bag. If you bring something home for your loved ones make sure it is something useful. Often people do not know what to do with the magnet in the shape of Italy you gave them. Instead take some dried spices, pasta or wine. I feel like that is way more useful and brings the other person more joy.

7 Not researching enough

Try to not fall into tourist traps. Research interesting things to do and read travel blogs about the destination. Research what locals like to do in that area.
After arriving, just ask the staff of the accommodation you stay in for tips on things to experience. Don’t just do what everyone else is doing. Explore and discover the area at your own terms.

Ans never forget, that life is an adventure.

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