So my journey in London continued and after my small quarterlife crisis I had a breakthrough.


„No“, I thought. I will definitely not go back to Austria. I will not give up this easily. I did not come to only go home after trying the bare minimum. Yes, my plans didn’t work out exactly the way I wanted to but there was still hope.
Everytime I was about to give up, I pictured the shame I would feel once I returned home and had to announce I had failed.

The situation was still more complicated than I thought it would be. I still kept my hopes up. I was determined.

I knew I had to change my attitude. I shifted from feeling entitled to have a job to being motivated to show them everything that was in me. I shifted from thinking about the lack I felt to being grateful to be here in the first place. I shifted from giving up to being positive and having faith in myself. I shifted from negativity to positivity.
Within only 3 days I got several interviews for various roles. I was highly motivated to give it all and to fight for my right to be here.


I finally got a job in marketing, which I was very excited about. My first day was interesting and I got to meet many new people.
Everything was going as planned, but will it last?


When the health-crises started, I wanted to fly back to Austria. Not everything turned out the way I hoped for. Austria has already closed its borders and flights from the UK could bo longed enter my home country. I was stuck in an hostel that closed its doors and I had to move further outside the city to Lewisham, which is about 45 minutes away from my workplace.

The uncertainty made me put my dreams on hold. So I booked a flight to Munich and stayed at the new hostel for only one night. It was lovely though and I particularly loved the trees and garden around it. I spent my last day in London by going to a close-by hair salon for a hair cut and chilling at a park.

The next day I arrived on time at the baggage check-in at the airport when I was stopped as the lady at the counter told me that they are not sure if I can fly to Germany because I don’t have a German passport, I have an Austrian one. After waiting for almost an hour I luckily got to board the plane. On my train ride home I was unsure about what the future would hold for me. We’ll see I guess. For now, I am at home with my mom and my brothers. I hooe you too are safe.

You might ask yourself, is this the end now? Hopefully pretty soon I can continue my plan and follow my heart.
We will see where the wind takes me.

to be continued…

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