Barcelona 1/2 – Spain

After flying for about an hour I landed in Barcelona at around 6 pm. I could immediately sense that I am in a big city again as the whole energy was faster paced and generally more busy than in Mallorca.

My first hostel in Barcelona called „St. Christophers Inn“ was so perfect. I loved the old building and its modern look, the ideal location and the cute beds. It also smelt so good everywhere and the bathroom for example was cleaned 3 to 4 times a day. Even though it was so central, the street infront of the window was fairly quiet at night.

The first day I was not in the best mood so I just hit the streets and walked without an aim. This always helps me get my focus right and realize how intensely grateful I am to be able to do this trip. The narrow streets were insanely cute to walk through. Generally I was quite surprised by how big the city is but then again about 1.7 million people live there.

After a delicious brunch in a small café I decided to further lighten my mood by visiting an exclusive coffee shop that got recommended to me by someone I met on my journey.

That day I happened to be at the port when the sun was setting. So far I always felt very comfortable and safe at the ports of the cities I have been to and this time was no exception. It gives me a sense of raw adventure and freedom. I admire people who live on a boat and plan on doing the same some time in the future.

I had delicious sweet popcorn at the port while watching the many seagulls on the water and in the air being fed by an old lady and a child. Never ever have I seen two people happier than they were. It was inspiring.

As you may already know I like to take the first time in a new environment to just wander around and see what I can find. I also checked out the Metro system, which is not too far underground. You can hear and feel it when walking through the streets. The first thing that really stood out to me was the interesting architecture. The facades in Barcelona were simply beautiful and unique.

The next day I had breakfast in a lovely café that gave me vintage vibes. I love sitting in old cafés, enjoying a hot drink and just letting the world and time pass by. Sometimes I sit and read for a bit or just get lost in thought while watching the neverending play of people coming and going. I use that time to reflect on what lies ahead of me for that day or to reevaluate the direction I am going in life.

After figuring out the meaning of life and why the universe exists, I got to see the famous church Sagrada Familia, designed by Gaudí. It was more colourful than I thought it would be and since it was saturday, there were a lot of people around. Overall I was very impressed by all the detail that went into the building. Unfortunately I didn’t get to look inside because the entry ticket is expensive af.

When the sun came out more and more again I decided it is time for the beach. The water was already very chilly but I still enjoyed the sun rays hitting my face a lot. The sand was beautiful and had loads of small shells in it. I took some of them with me to maybe make some art with them.

Some people warned me about going to Barcelona because of violent protests. I soon realized that all of the violence was mainly propaganda and pushed by the media to make it seem worse than it is. Yes, the political situation is tense and there are things that need to be improved but it is way more peaceful than the news make it out to be.

I noticed that there is a constant police presence, especially in the busiest areas of the city. Close to the Plaça de Catalunya were protesters who camped on the streets, which I have also witnessed happening in London. So far there were no real demonstrations or anything that seemed dangerous for tourists to me.

Of course everyone who knows me could have guessed that I am also visiting all the art museums I can find. The first one was the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. I took the bus to get there and was stunned by the amazing view you had over the city on the way up. Also, if you are right outside the museum you will find stairs that lead to a fountain on the main square which looked very pretty as it got darker.
I loved the modern paintings they had displayed.

One day I got to talk to someone from California and quickly made plans to go the coffee shop together. We shared a joint and talked for a bit. I learnt that realizing your own self-worth is the most important thing in order to get what you truly want.

I also learnt that most insecurities come from an ego point of view. There is a constant battle between heart and mind but if you stop fighting and listen to your heart you tap into infinite peace.

Letting go of expectation is also a huge lesson for me right now. The biggest one I would say. I came to the realization that the only person that ever really hurt myself was myself through my own unrealistic expectations. It is as if you stop accepting reality as it is. This week I generally fought some of my inner demons like too high expectations, addiction and emotional dependency.

I paused and spent an entire day dedicated to my introvert needs. I stayed away from people as much as I could and wrote poems, read an interesting book and watched a relaxing show. I also cooked for myself in the hostel kitchen und generally just recharged my batteries. When was the last time you took some time to truly nourish your mind, body or soul?

Walking down the street Carrer Verdi in the charming city part Garcia was an interesting recommendation I read online. I had excellent breakfast at a small café that focused on organic meals and drinks. It was the perfect end of my first week in Barcalona.

Overall I had a pretty slow but blissful week. So far the best word I have found to describe Barcelona is vibrant. What I like most is that the city has so many different pretty streets, yet that is also the worst part as I got lost a couple of times or misunderstood the navigation system.

Now that I have recharged my batteries I am ready for another week and to meet new people and make unforgettable experiences. I am more than grateful for this opportunity and I try to always remember, that life is an adventure.

to be continued

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