Barcelona 2/2 – Spain

My second week started with rain and I knew it was time to change my hostel again. Its name „The Hipstel“ was very fitting as I was greeted by the guy at the reception singing to reggae.

I loved all the beautiful details of this accommodation. The building was old and big with many rooms and wonderful huge doors that went up to the ceiling. I loved most how everything was so unique and nothing could be found twice. Even each and every one of the bathroom locks was different. The decoration and the many cute sitting and lounge areas in the hallways gave the hostel an extra charm.

The building itself is made out of dreams. It has high ceilings, chandeleers and wooden doors with gold details, a lot of windows, beautiful wooden floor and a terracce with colourful tiles.

Unfortunately in the middle of the second week I got sick and needed to slow down for a few days. The weather change from Mallorcan sun to cold Barcelona wind and rain left me with a cold. That didn’t stop me from wandering around and discovering the city though. I just did things slower.

As I didn’t feel my best health wise I spent an entire day just doing some shopping as I walked up the entire La Rambla, a very famous street with a lot of beautiful architecture, shops and restaurants. I also caught up on some reading in the cute cafés all across Barcelona and had a lot of hot chocolates. It also has to be said that the bread in Spain is extraordinarly good and you should definitely try it if you happen to be there.

Last week I wrote about taking care of my mental health in form of respecting my inner introvert. Now it was about taking care of my physical health in form of eating well and letting my body rest from time to time.

It was colder than I thought so decided I needed an extra sweater. My search began with the well-known second hand market Mercat del Encants, which was not worth it in my opinion as most of the things weren’t even second hand.

There still were a lot of other second hand markets and vintage shops all across the city to discover. I found a unique piece that I love. The best part about it? I prevented a lot of environmental damage by not buying new stuff from a big cooperation that most likely exploits people and the earth.

Since I already was in the part of Barcelona called the Gothic Quarter, I decided to visit the Cathedral. I was impressed by all the detail that went into it and how hidden it was. This part of the city convinced me with all its sweet narrow alleys and interesting architecture.

I’ve also been to the private members club I wrote about last week a couple of more times. The people there were so nice and many of the staff were German. One girl in particular stood out to me. She was blonde and super sweet. At one point I opened the bathroom door to go back to the café and she stood there with a broom in her hands screaming at a bug coming my way. I had to laugh a lot with her. Also, another employee of the café gave me two pre-rolled joints for free for some reason without me realizing. So, thank you!

While I was walking through the city at one point, my phone fell out of my pocket. I didn’t notice because I had earphones on that were connected via bluetooth to my phone . Luckily, the world is full of good people and an elderly man came to my phones rescue. I am very grateful for all the angels I encounter almost daily.

The last few days in Barcelona were spent with a friend who came to visit from London. We met at the MACBA, the museum for contemporary art. Museums like that always make me feel super safe and comfortable. I feel timeless while strolling through the hallways looking at art. It was an interesting contrast as outside of the buildung dozens of skateboarders performed stunts or were practicing.

After we had a delicious slice of a huge pizza, we went to see the fountain show. It was very colourful but quite underwhelming. The fact that it was freezing and I had a cold probably played a big role. Nevertheless the fountain show at the Plaza Espana is something I would recommend only for trips in the summer.

One of the best things that happened was me witnessing my first ever meme irl. It was the „MY FUCKING RESTAURANT“ meme that I saw on social media earlier. My life is now complete. Did you already know memes about this restaurant?

After almost a month of travelling I noticed how I lost my routine again. At one point it got so bad, that I had breakfast at 6pm. Usually (and ironically) I am only able to establish real routines while I am travelling. My focus now lies on getting into my healthy habits again.

The last bit of sightseeing I did started with getting on the bus 111. Our destination was the hill Tibidabo from which you have a stunning view over the entire city. We weren’t even 400 meters above sea level and already had amazing views out onto the ocean, the port and the thousands of rooftops. I also loved seeing the beautiful, small churches on top of the hill and the tiny, colourful amusement park.

Conclusion of my time in Barcelona

Overall it can be said that Barcelona is an amazing, vibrant and fast city that is definitely worth a visit. No matter what you are looking for, be it night life, history or cuisine, Barcelona is the place to go.
Personally, I don’t recommend going in winter as it was very cold at times and there were still a lot of tourists. I still enjoyed every moment of my time there and would definitely come back. Travelling has already taught me so much about life and myself and I am forever grateful for all of those memories.

But for now, it is time to move on because life is an adventure.

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