Guide – what to do in Mallorca?

After spending two week on this beautiful island, I asked myself what the best way to get the most out of your holiday would be. Here is a suggestions on how to spend a week in Mallora. Overall you do not need that much time to discover the most important things. I recommend going from Thursday to Thursday but that is just personal preference.

one week in mallorca


-Spend the first 3 days in the capital of the island Palma. It is without a doubt the most diverse city on Mallorca.
-Get to know the capital by walking around the city center and the cute narrow streets. Just go around and look what you can find. Maybe you will discover an interesting cafe or beautiful graffiti.
-No matter what direction you come from, if you walk along the beach you will definitely see the huge Cathedral from afar. It is especially beautiful at night.
-The Cathedral is very nice. Go when there is a mass in the morning so you can see the inside for free. Otherwise it will cost you 8 Euros to get in. If you book a ticket online you can also go on top of the Cathedral and have an amazing view.


-My recommendation for the second day is to take the train to Port de Sóller for a day trip. The train ride is an adventure in itself.
-It is especially beautiful if you walk up the narrow streets as you have a nice view over the whole bay and the endless ocean on the other side. Also, the beach in Port de Soller was very comfortable.
-At night you definitely should go out in Palma to get a sense of the vibrant nightlife of the capital.


-There are many beaches you can easily reach by bus from Palma. Enjoy the sun which falls on Mallorca almost all year around.
-Spend the third day at the Playa de Illetas or search for a viewpoint with stunning cliffs in Palmas bay.


-After getting a feel for Mallorca in the first three days of your stay I now suggest you get a rental car to move around the island quicker. It is definitely worth it as you do not need to change your accommodation and reach less touristy areas.
-As a first destination I would choose Porto Cristo, where you can enjoy stalactite caves.
-On the way home you maybe also want to stop in one of the cute, small towns you will pass by.


– A day is definitely well spent if you go all the way up to the north of Mallorca.
-The viewpoint Es Colomer is beautiful and allows you to see down at the ocean from a height of 200m.
-One beach up north I can recommend is the beach Cala Figuera. There were some cute goats from the mpountains begging for food.
-The furthest you can go is Cap de Formentor. You will have the ocean to almost every side.


-This day is for the sport enthusiast. It is spent in the mountains of the island.
-You can hike up the mountains to reach the different castles or the remaining ruins of them. I visited the Castell d’Alaró, which is located so that you will have an amazing view up there.
-You could also just walk a trail and enjoy the beautiful nature of Mallorca.


-For the last day I would plan a trip to the many natural parks on Mallorca. One of the biggest ones is Parc natural de Mondragó.
-The beaches there are stunning and I especially liked the Playa De S’amarador. It has a very nostalgic and private feel to it.
-The last evening I would spend going out for dinner and drinks in Palma, as there are so many nice restaurants and bars.

5 General tips for Mallorca

  1. Find an AirBnb, Hotel or Hostel outside the city center to avoid the crowds of tourists a bit more and meet more locals.
  2. You can easily walk alone at night. I always felt safe.
  3. Be a decent human being. Always take your trash with you, don’t be too loud or in any other way disrespectful to the locals.
  4. Don’t just stay in one city. There are so many parts of the islandthat are way too beautiful to miss.
  5. Never forget, that life is an adventure.

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