Mallorca 2/2 – Spain

The second week of my time in Mallorca started with a location change. I checked into the „Urban Singular“ in another part of the city called „El Terreno“. It was not that close to the center but in the middle of the party scene and had the harbour right infront of the main door. I felt very comfortable there.

The most positive thing about it was the cute little boxes that they used as beds. It felt almost like a cave. Of course everything has its downsides and with this hostel it was the bathrooms. They felt like I was about to enter a swimming pool and smelled strongly of chlorine. Apart from that I really enjoyed my stay there.

My first day of the this week started pretty good. Katarina, the girl I met at the other hostel, and I went to see the Castell d’Alaró. It was about an hour hike for us.
On our way up we found red fruit that looked like cherries with hair on them on the trees and on the ground. They were bright red and orange inside. What looked like hair were seeds that covered the sweet fruit. After we googled them and made sure they are not poisonous, we ate them. They tasted lovely.

The hike to the ruins of the castle was super fun. As we already drove up the mountain half of the way we got to see the best of the hike. The stunning view was definitely worth it. You could see the two opposite sides of the island and of course the sea on both sides. I was stunned by the fact that from this point I could see almost all of the island and we were only 800m above sea level. There were also a lot of goats running free but unfortunately, we didn’t get to pet one.

On the same day we got to see „Torrent de Pareis“ which is a river that ends in the ocean but is actually dry most of the time. The sight is hidden in a bay surrounded by high rocks and can only be reached after you drive a long, strongly winding road next to a Danish girl rapping in Finnish because the radio signal was lost.

The bay was beautiful and I am more than grateful that I got to be there. We watched wild waves hit against the cliffs and the water soaking into the beach that consisted of bigger rocks. It was blissful to just sit there with my new friend and enjoy the present moment as the sun set over the water.

I also noticed how the weather shifted in the last few days of my stay. It became a bit colder and way more windy and at one point it even rained for like 10 minutes. Most of the days you still could lie on the beach in just your swimwear and enjoy the warmth of the sun. At the end of my trip you definitely had to wear long pants again.

After all it was winter.

One friday night Katarina and I ate delicious fajitas at the Hard Rock Cafe. After that we drove to the beach Playa de Illetas because I didn’t feel like going out. It was already dark so there were no people around. We decided to skinny dip into the cool sea. I felt insanely free at that moment, naked in the ocean. After we got out of the water again we lay on the soft sand and watched the stars. This never fails to give me a great inner sense of peace.

The next morning started off with a drive through the island all the way to the north. We got to see the beach Cala Figuera, which is one of the most northern points of the island. On the way there we also stopped at the the view point Mirador Es Colomer, where you get to have amazing views over the ocean and the high cliffs.

Porto Cristo is a classic tourist spot on Mallorca so of course I also had to go there at least once in my life. The vibes there were kind of weird. The city itself was not as cute as I expected and the mixture between small town, tourist spot and beach was not my cup of tea. One of the biggest reasons people visit this city is because of the stalactite caves, which are small but apparently worth a visit. We didn’t go in because it seemed a bit overprized.

That day I also had to say goodbye to my danish friend Katarina with whom I had an amazing time. I am beyond grateful to have met this lovely cutie. She helped me understand other peoples points of view and taught me acceptance.

Thank you for the adventures.

My last few days on the island were generally pretty quiet, preparing me for what is yet to come. I spent one whole day on self reflection, work and catching up with my books. After all I still have very introverted tendencies and my needs always need to go first.

My last evening I spent walking through the city and drinking hot chocolate (which was literally melted chocolate lmao) with someone I met at the hostel . He overheard me talking on the phone about my blog and was quick to explain that he had a blog as well offering everything that had to do with travel. You can find his website here.

Even though we only spent a couple of hours together, he still taught me that it is sometimes better to not think too much and decide and move quickly. He also made me aware that all of my dreams are possible and all humble projects achieveable. It was a very nice note to end my trip on.

Conclusion of my time in Mallorca

All in all it can be said that Mallorca is a beautiful island that is full of treasures to be discovered. The weather was so nice, even though it was already winter here. I also got a little bit tanned.

The people I have met on my journey were all amazing and even though we only had a single conversation, I still learnt from every single one of them. Of course I will still mostly remember my sweet friend Katarina, with whom I almost spent a whole week with and with whom I got to discover stunning parts of this island.

Mallorca has some beautiful beaches, that are all very unique. All of those thoughts will be realeased in a seperate blogpost next week as a guide for your stay on this lovely island.

I was on a very tight budget and wanted to prove to myself that travelling can also be very cheap. In total the whole trip, 2 weeks in Mallorca, including everything from flight, transport and place to stay, cost me about 550 euros. At the end of my Spain trip I am going to post the real exact cost breakdown, so stay tuned if you find that interesting.

But for now, it is time to move on because life is an adventure.

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