Palma De Mallorca 1/2

Mallorca is a very small island that belongs to Spain. It is part of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea and visited by over 2 million people a year.
At the end of October I too arrived at the airport in Palma, the capital city of the island. It was already dark so I took the public bus and 30 minutes later checked into my hostel „Urban Hostel Palma“ close to the city center just to fall asleep soon after.

Two days before I arrived someone asked me if I really wanted to go to Mallorca as there were heavy storms and tornado warnings. After I informed myself about the situation I was very unsure on what my next step would be.
I did it anyway as I had a good feeling about the situation and the weather forecasts appeared to get better over the course of the week.

This was when I learned that fear is a very bad decision maker.

The hostel I stayed in the first week was very nice but nothing special really. I shared a room with three other people, one of them came from London too. It was very interesting to meet people from all over the world, to hear their stories and reasons on how they ended up here in Palma.

What I enjoyed most about this particular hostel was the free breakfast and the fact that there were so many clean and spacious bathrooms.

The people working there were also very friendly and helpful. The only downside was that the door to my room was very loud so I woke up a couple of times in the middle of the night to people coming home. You could also hear the children from the kindergarden infront of the window.

Luckily I always bring earplugs with me.

The first few days in the city were pretty chill. I strolled around town a lot and on most days walked for about 10-15 kilometers a day. I did a lot of self reflection at that time.
I have also been to the city beach in Palma. It was a week day so there were not many people. I felt the aftermath of the long storms that took place just a few days before I landed. Nevertheless it luckily never rained while I was in Mallorca.

All of my fear and doubt ealier were completely unessessary and didn’t serve me at all. This taught me that you should always trust your gut feeling and go after what your heart wants. Sometimes that is a risk you lose but trust me, you will be fine. It became warmer and warmer every day since I arrived and there were less and less clouds in the sky.

Of course I tried to keep my so-what routines up. I tried to meditate, read and workout as often and work on my projects as much as I could. The best part in the first few days was of course the sun. The palm trees and having the sea so close by were also pretty nice. Surprisingly at first it was hard for me to find supermarkets but the more I walked around, the more I discovered.

Then on my fifth day as I was having an avocado toast for breakfast I happen to talk to a danish girl who came to Mallorca because of her studies. We talked a bit and met at the beach later that day. She was so open and friendly and we became friends immediately. We vibed.
I told her about my plans to rent a car and we quickly and spontaneously decided to rent one together, for 5 days and 56 euros each.

The next morning I got up early to attend the mass of the day. That way I got to see the Cathedral of Palma for free. Katarina and I walked for about 20 minutes to the Cathedral and were there for the whole thing. Actually attending the mass were about only 10 people in total.

I was amazed by the colourful windows that made the walls appear as if a rainbow vomitted all over them.

The city center of Palma is generally very beautiful. At first it kinda reminded me of a mixture between Rome and Egypt but soon I saw its uniqueness. As for my Spanish skills, I understood a lot of what they were saying but unfortunately couldn’t express myself the way I wanted to. Still I was able to practice and improve my Spanish a bit this week.

Katarinas and my first proper trip lead us all the way south to the Parc natural de Mondragó. I loved driving through the island and seeing cactus everywhere. We also had a nice view on the mountains for the whole drive. We were on the road almost a whole hour on narrow streets with beautiful views and soon arrived at the Playa De S’amarador in the nature reserve. It was beautiful.

I especially loved the white, fine sand and the clear, torquise water.

The beach felt kinda hidden within a bay full of rocky cliffs and green trees. You could easily go to another beach just around the corner of the cliffs on a small trail. We also went on top of the cliffs to enjoy the view there. While staring out onto the ocean I realized how grateful I am to experience all of this and felt totally peaceful.

The next day we went to the famous Port De Soller, which was packed with tourists. We got to have a pretty view over the bay and also enjoyed the grainy sand at the beach. The sun was so nice that I almost fell asleep even though the wind got a bit cold after a while. That day we also drove up a mountain just to enjoy the view from up there.

So far I am more than grateful to be able to experience this beautiful island and all the friendly, amazing people here. I can’t believe that a week has already passed and I am very excited about what my next few weeks in Spain will bring. I try to always remember, that life is an adventure.

to be continued

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