living on your own – living in london #5

Living on your own is a big step. It is something probably most people look forward to and so did I. Soon I realized there are things no one tells you beforehand. Let me tell you about my experiences of living on my own.

The first time I lived on my own was when I came to London in January this year. I was more than excited to meet my new flatmates and to spend nice evenings together, go out and generally just have a good time. The actual reality was not what I had expected.

First of all I never really saw my flatmates. They were the kind of people that always hid in their room. So there went all my fantasies of being besties. Second of all I soon realized that I was the only one to give a fuck about… anything, really. I was the only one who cared about cleaning and stuff like buying toilet paper. I felt annoyed and let down. Nothing was like I expected it to be.

After my 3 months contract ran out, I moved in on my own into a small studio flat. That was the first time ever there was no one around and it was nice at first. I did things everyone says they would like running around naked all day. I loved the freedom and to be responsible for only myself but after a month even that lost its glory. I felt alone most of the time and longed for a friend to share dinner and my stories about my day with.

So, after another 2 months in London I moved again and this time was very lucky. The people I moved in with were the sweetest and most interesting individuals ever. We opened up to each other, went out together and even had movie nights. I am grateful for those people I now call friends.

To move away from home might sound intimidating at first and like pure freedom after. The reality is that it is sometimes hard to find out what you really need. I always thought of myself as the biggest introvert and that living in my own flat was the most blissful thing ever. After having had the opportunity to do so I learnt a lot about my own needs and personality. I like to live with one or two friends I know I can trust.

How is your living situation right now? Would you like to change something?

Never forget, life is an adventure.

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