What to do in Upper Austria

Upper Austria is filled with stunning nature, interesting culture, history and sports activities for every season. This is a collection of things I really enjoy doing in Upper Austria and that might inspire you on days you don’t know what to do. I hope you find something new you’ve never done or been to before, no matter if you are a tourist or an inhabitant.

One of the best things especially in summer are the lakes. Even if the temperatures don’t allow swimming, taking a walk around the water is definitely worth the trip. Depending on your location you might consider visiting one of the biggest and most beautiful ones:

  • Laudachsee
  • Traunsee
  • Hallstätter See
  • Almsee
  • Gossauseen
  • Attersee
  • Mondsee
  • Wolfgangsee
  • Langbathseen


Austria is famous for its mountains so skiing in winter is always a fun time but the mountains are not only interesting because of skiing. Hiking is also a popular option for summer. The highest mountain in Upper Austria is the Dachstein where you can even take a walk in the ice caves. You’ll keep fit, breath fresh air and enjoy amazing views.


If you are not interested in sports or nature or if it is too cold outside I may suggest you take a day off in one of the marmites. The most popular ones are the marmites in Bad Schallerbach, Bad Hall, Bad Ischl or Geinberg. It’s not the cheapest option but who can resist a day at the spa?

Something you might have never done before as an inhabitant is a Danube cruise, which is quiet interesting because you get to see the country in a different way.

The capital of Upper Austria is Linz, where shopping can be done best. Linz has alot of small and cute cafés where you can taste the famous Linzer Torte and enjoy stunning architecture within the city centre. If you are looking for a place to eat I’d suggest you visit the restaurant “Front Food”, which serves vegan burgers that are delicious!


Another city to see is Hallstatt, which is very famous and is visited by alot of tourists. If you are interested I wrote a seperate blogpost on Hallstatt.



Furthermore what makes Upper Austria special are the many castles and ruins that tell alot about life back in the days. The most stunning ones are Altpernstein, Clam, Losenstein and the castle Ort that is located on an island in the city Gmunden. Very interesting is the Imperial Villa of the Habsburg dynasty in Bad Ischl where alot of Austrian History can be learned.

The last thing I want to mention are the Christmas Markets that spark a light within me. I love the atmosphere, decoration, the punch and all the little holiday related things that are sold. One of the most beautiful ones are in Linz, Wels, Kremsmünster and St.Wolfgang.


What is your favourite thing to do in Upper Austria?

Thank you for reading.

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