If you are like me, you enjoy spending time alone. Some days I don’t wanna to talk to nobody and just be by myself. It doesn’t mean I am sad or that I don’t like you. It means that I need this time with myself to regain energy and focus on what’s important to me.

The joy of being alone – inside an introverts world

Many relationships broke off because people couldn’t accept the fact that I wanted to be alone most of the time. In the past I thought this was abnormal. I always made plans with others but when the time came, I despised the idea of going out and having to interact with others. I’d much rather stay home and work on my projects. That led to confusion, cancelled plans and frustrated friends.

Being an introvert in a world full of extroverts isn’t always easy. That’s why it’s crucial to set boundaries.
On the other hand you may forget that human interaction is neccessary for you to stay sane and healthy. After all, we are social creatures.

Don’t forget about others

When I used to travel solo for longer periods of time I noticed that my mood would shift drastically whenever I hadn’t spoken to people in a while. After a few days I felt a bit cut off from the world around me and even annoyed at other people for seemingly no reason. This all changed once I had a nice conversation with a stranger or a phone call with my family.

So, meet with or call a friend today, even if you are an introvert. You might enjoy it more than you think.

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