There are things some of us simply do not want to do. Still, they are neccessary steps towards our goals or to create a better life for ourselves. There are actually a few simple tricks that might help you out of the rut of being unmotivated.

Just know that motivation, like willpower, is a limited resource and sometimes comes and goes without any particular pattern. Maybe you watch an inspirational video and are motivated for a while but this kind of motivation can wear off quite quickly. So never rely on bursts of motivation to get things done.

Tip #1 Automate hard things

Create habits. Do things at a specific time of the day, every day so you start to do it automatically. For example whenever I get up, I immediately brush my teeth and wash my face. There is no need to think about it because that is just what I do when I wake up. This also works with harder things like working out. Create a habit to automate tasks you usually need a lot of motivation for.

Tip #2 Get your attitude right

Ask yourself: „Why do I even want to do this?“ Remember why you want to do what you are avoiding at this moment in the first place. Just know that there is probably no direct negative consequence to you procrastinating. Ask yourself what the long term consequences might be.

What happens if you don’t do it? How fast will you reach your goal if you do it today? Close your eyes for a moment. Visualize yourself reaching your goal and how good it will feel to have what you want and motivation will follow naturally.

Tip #3 The five second rule

Whenever a bad feeling arises, stop and count from 5 to 1 out loud or in your head and then just get up and do the task without hesitation. This can also help you stop snoozing your alarm in the morning. Overthinking can really ruin a lot for you so whenever you catch yourself doing it, kill it by shifting your focus on counting and then jump directly into action.

I truly hope this helped you in some way. Do you have any other tips for feeling unmotivated? Leave them in the comments below and never forget, that life is an adventure.

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