I started to think about god when I asked myself: „What is reality?“
After all, every animal senses the world completely different. There are animals out there that see colours or hear sounds that humans will never get to experience. It would be foolish to think that the way we perceive the world is reality.

Did it all come together by accident? So many people believe that god is responsible for everything. He created the yellow flowers in our garden, the two eyes in my skull and the burning gas ball we call sun. But who or what is god?

It was very clear to me, what god was not: a man in the sky.
I heard so many people talk about god, the universe, the creator, the source energy that I never questioned what that really means to me. I understood these concepts in my head, but not in my heart. I couldn’t feel what others called god.

Recently I have thought a lot about the relationship with god many religious people talk about. I never felt like I had a direct relationship with the creator itself. Obviously it is bigger than anything, even ideas or words. So I will never ever be truly able to express what god really is. In my opinion no human can because this concept goes above and beyond our comprehension of things.

Nevertheless, I always felt strongly connected to nature and earths energy. For a long time I believed that earth itself is god. After all, we all came from its material, we get our food and air to breathe from this planet and are held by its gravitational pull. Is there even a point in looking further than that?

It could be true that earth, our solar system and our galaxy were also created by someone or something. Still, it could all have happened by chance, who knows? Will I, in my human form, ever be able to understand it, especially in such a short life span? Probably not.

In conclusion, everyone has to define for themselves what god means to them. Start exploring. Look inside of yourself. Be curious. Do you feel connected to your creator? How does god look like for you?

Let me know in the comments down below what you think about this topic and never forget, life is an adventure!

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