Life isn’t always easy, everyone knows that. It gets especially hard when you don’t have a vision for yourself, a goal to work towards or feel like you are completely lost in life.
Most days I feel like that too and I am pretty sure that almost everyone knows how this can affect your emotional and mental well-being.

When you feel like your life has no direction you can easily get distracted. There is no north star of specific point of focus for you. Most start to look outside of themselves for answers. Maybe this book will tell me what to do with my life? Maybe this person knows where I should go and what I should do?

Too often we listen to the opinions of others. It can be hard to say „I appreciate you, but this is my path and my life, not yours.“ I have experienced this myself. My dad always wants me to fit in a certain box, which simply isn’t for me. He tells me that I should do this or that with my life but he is speaking from his own experiences, not mine.

Everyone has to find out for themselves which way to go. More often than not, following life advice from others will cause you to end up where you don’t really belong. You start living their lives instead of your own.

Think about your own recent life decisions. Did you make them because you listened to your family, your friends or society? Or did you make them because you listened to your own heart and followed that, even though it might meant you wouldn’t be as ’safe‘ and set in life or even considered crazy by people close to you?

You and noone else is responsible for your actions and the consequences that come with them. Choose wisely whose advice you follow. Don’t wake up one day and think of your life as mediocre or just good or safe enough.

One thing you can do right now to create the life you truly want to live is to open the note pad app or get a pen and paper. This takes only a few minutes but might redirect your thinking.

Take a couple of deep, aware breaths.
Now write down the first 5 things that come to your mind when reading the following question.

What fills me with a childlike joy?

Was it hard to think of something?
Now you have a rough idea on what to focus on. Try to implement one of these things into your every day. For example if it is travelling, try taking a different route to work once a week and go on one-day-explorations on the weekend. If it is to dress up, wear only your favourite clothes and choose one day of the week where you go all out.

The possibilities are always endless. Let yourself be guided by your own happiness and inner child. Eventually it will lead you to wherever you want to go, to whatever fills your heart with joy.

Never forget, that life is an adventure and it is to be lived fully.

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