Malaga 2/2 – Spain

It was yet again time to change my hostel. This time for the last time on my journey through the south of Spain. The „Malaga stop hostel ab“ was an odd name. Actually on the outside of the building it said „Malaga sTOP Hostel“ so I assume they wanted to write „Malagas Top Hostel“, which I found quite funny.
It was located a bit outside the city and was more quiet, even though that probably only makes a difference in the high season. The beds were super cute and I loved the big, open kitchen the most.

This week I have been to the Costa Del Sol a couple of times. The bus from the city center was super cheap and only cost 1,70 Euros per journey. There I had a super relaxed feeling and it smelled like the sea and warm sand everywhere. I loved the beachy vibes even though there were many huge hotels and resorts. Also the many white houses were insanely cute and gave the whole atmosphere a true holiday feeling.

That day I met an English boy who was very drunk in a coffee shop. He lost his passport there and now I got to return the favour the old man made me when he picked up my phone off the streets in Barcelona. I sent him a message saying he forgot his document at coffee shop. I love being an angel to others, just as there are so many angels in my life.

Weirdly enough, Malaga as a city smelled super nice and it gave me a sense of being at home there. That was when I realized that I will definitely come back one day. There was also so much stunning graffitti all over the city, which I always love.

There was so much sunshine in Malaga like nowhere else. Aware that soon I have to leave this weather, I spent most of my days enjoying the sun on benches in parks, near the port or at the beach.

I basically just ate pasteries all week from all the cute cafes and bakeries around. You could get so many sweet stuff for less than 5 euros. One time I had a whole bag of wholegrain crossaints for one euro.

One night I randomly walked down the streets as I saw a crowd of people packed in only one street and wondered what was going on there. Apparently there was a light show happening to celebrate the beginning of december. I saw them put up those lights over the past two weeks and was delighted to run into this show.

Conclusion of my time in Malaga

So far Malaga is my favourite city of the ones I have already been to in Spain. It basically felt like a mixture between Mallorca and Barcelona. The romantic vibes and lovely buildings made it feel very special. I will definitely come back and spend at least a few months there.

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