Malaga 1/2 – Spain

The last destination on my journey through Spain was the beautiful city Malaga in the south of the country. At first, there were almost no tourists or larger crowds of people around, as it was already the end of November and rained most of the time. My first impression was quite positive nevertheless. The streets were super cute with almost no traffic through the center. It felt cozy with its sunshine and narrow streets and squares.

This time I checked into an hostel with the name „Alcazaba Premium Hostel“ in the middle of the city center, right next to the Museo De Malaga. I loved the cute common area and small but effective kitchen with its cute and unique cuttlery. The modern chairs and big windows made it feel very romantic. The bed was also super big and comfortable.

Overall I was very impressed by this hostel and highly recommend it to anyone staying in Malaga. The location of the accommodation was ideal as it was directly in the historic center of the city and therefore close to all the important museums.

My first stop in Malaga was a tiny cafe to have second breakfast of the day at. The guy behind the bar stood out to me because he seemed genuinely happy and was very friendly. He smiled all the time and the breakfast was also delicious.

As I was already up since 3 am that day, i tiredly walked through the streets of Malaga to orientate a bit. Apparently I don’t really have that touristy look because some locals or other Spanish speaking people came up to me to ask for directions. Unfortunately I wasn’t really able to help them as I kinda understood their question but definitely didn’t have the knowledge to give a correct answer.

After strolling around the city center and noticing how beautiful the graffitti was, I went to see the CAC, the museum for contemporary art. I really, really liked this one as the paintings and pictures just spoke to me. I also had a good laugh at some of them. For example one part of the exhibition was just the same cone of ice cream in various forms and implemented in various paintings.

This week someone I met in London came to visit. The day he arrived we had a drink together and caught up. He stayed in the hipster area of Malaga, an area called Soho, which is filled with beautiful street art.

Travelling humbles me so much, yet gives me a lot of confidence. One day I caught myself just standing in the streets and admiring the Spanish architecture. I was amazed, impressed and grateful to experience all of that.

Over the course of the week the weather became delightful. The sun shone most of the time and the temperature with about 15 to 20°C was mild. The sunshine of course made everything better. As a result I decided to check out the beach nearby.
The sand there was super nice as it was dark brown, grainy and heavy. I imagine it is the perfect sand for summer because it probably won’t blind you too much or just fly into your shoes with every step you take.

With the sun came the people. The streets got more and more crowded again, street musicians appeared seemingly out of nowhere and there was generally more life in the city.

On sunday I went to the Museum Revello de Toro as the entry was free that day. I sat down at one of those desks where they have books of the artists that you can scan through. I ate a banana when a Spanish elderly guy said „Enjoy, they have a lot of potassium.“ I thanked him as a museum person came and told me that eating was not permitted.

So the old guy handed me a book and recommended it to me saying the pictures were very beautiful. Once the museum person moved on again he said „Now you can eat your banana“ and left for the lift. I don’t know why but I love this encounter so much.

It is strange seeing „Feliz Navidad“ signs everywhere but the city center started to feel a lot like christmas. Even though it was warm and sunny, I got a cozy feeling of being at home. The smell of roasted almonds and coffee were in the air throughout the entire city.

That same day I went to the Picasso Museum but wasn’t allowed to take any pictures there. It still was interesting and the art was beautiful. The museum was quite crowded as it was free the last two hours on sundays and of course I wasn’t the only one who knew that.

I can honestly say that I probably loved Malaga most out of all the cities I have been to so far because of the small narrow alleys and the many plazas. It just felt very romantic. The weather was also super nice as it was very mild and felt like summer most of the time. I really enjoyed my week in this wonderful city.

to be continued

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