In need of a vacation? Many poeple have spent the last 6 months at home in fear of this pandemic. Travelling safely during these times isn’t too easy but it is very possible. Here are my tips how to still your Wanderlust during times of Covid19.

  1. Regularly update yourself on travel bans, regulations and whether or not you need to self isolate at your destination. The European Comission provides a handy app and website for this called „Re-Open EU„. There you will get real time info on any changes in regulations.
  2. Try taking a trip within your own country. That’s what I’ve been doing a lot lately and it’s actually cheaper than you think. A lot of hotels and hostels sell rooms at very low prices right now to not run out of business. You can also see the most famous sites of your country without many outside tourists or any huge crowds. Make use of it.
  3. Avoid big cities and opt for trips to nature. Recharge and distance yourself from the chaos going on. You could also work on a farm if you want to travel cheap. WWOOFING is a perfect example here.
  4. Avoid public transportation and planes. Instead, rent a camper or sleep in your car. That way you can have an amazing holiday without being around too many people. You’ll also be more flexible.
  5. Obviously the most important tip is to strengthen your immune system to fight off any disease. Eat well, exercise regularly and think positive thoughts. If you feel unwell or sick, stay at home and get better before travelling.

Never forget, that life is an adventure.

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