We all know obvious things that make our travels more sustainable: avoid planes, use public transport and don’t disturb wildlife. Is that all? I believe that there is more to sustainable travelling than this. How can you make the world a better place on your next trip?

How would that even make a difference? I am only one person.

If everyone comes together and changes just one little thing about their trips – it would make a huge difference in the long-term. This is called the butterfly effect. Maybe you also inspire someone else to travel more sustainably or simply pass these new habits onto your kids. It is definitely worth it to make these small changes as they have a bigger impact than you can imagine.

Bye, bye plastic bottles

Bring your own bottle with filter instead of buying single use plastic bottles. This will save the planet of so much plastic waste. It also makes it easier for you as you can drink tap water almost everywhere without having to worry about carrying large plastic bottles or spending loads of cash on them.

Give back to the community

Avoid spending money on huge international chains and always opt for local shops. That way you give back to the local economy and support small businesses. Most of the time you will find something interesting and new or meet some friendly locals.

Reusable tools

Pack essentials that you can reuse. This might be your own shopping bag, reusable cuttlery or a food container. Use what you already have here to avoid producing waste while on the road.

Just by implementing one of these tips you can make your future trips more sustainable. Together we can make a huge difference. Never forget, that life is an adventure.

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