There are too many people who only care about themselves.
All they want is attention. To have others look at them, admire them. They want others to think of them as beautiful, unique. They want people to notice and like them.

This need for attention creates the desire to stand out. The desire to share with the world who you are but they do not care if that image is their true self or not.

I call it ignorance. To some extend it is even arrogance. A self-centered view that does not care about the feelings of others. A way of life that focuses on the own benefit.

People like that have their way of getting attention. They know it is a competition.

I was never very interested in playing games like that. Quite the opposite to be honest. Never in the spotlight, always in the background. Many people would like to escape that place but I feel kind of comfortable in it.

You learn a lot when you observe instead of fight for attention. Observe instead of trying desperately to convey a message that the recipient is not yet ready to receive. Observe quietly instead of making noise to get attention. Observe and learn instead of repeating the same things about yourself you told several others too.

The desire to stand out is in all of us. The question is, who decides who is special? Just because people do not see the beauty of the observer does not mean it is not there. Just because you are distracted by the ones being loud about themselves you do not see the ones that really stand out.

The ones that do not need to be loud or pretty to be unique. The ones with a beautiful mind and heart. The ones that always seek to help. The ones that understand that everyone deserves a decent life. The ones that are truly one with all.

Do not let yourself be blinded because sometimes you walk just past someone who is observing instead.

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