After months spent travelling Spain and my home Austria, I once again returned to my favourite city - London. This time with the intention to stay longer than I did before.


To make your trip as smooth and interesting as possible I gathered some common mistakes I see people make whilst they are travelling. I hope you can avoid these in order to have the best trip possible.


Are you sick of the one week vacations you take twice a year? Would you rather not spend your time in huge hotel chains that do not represent the real culture of the country you are in? Traditional vacations are outdated and no longer excite me as much. Maybe you feel the same way.Travelling for... Weiterlesen →


There are too many people who only care about themselves.All they want is attention. To have others look at them, admire them. They want others to think of them as beautiful, unique. They want people to notice and like them. This need for attention creates the desire to stand out. The desire to share with... Weiterlesen →

Malaga 2/2 – Spain

It was yet again time to change my hostel. This time for the last time on my journey through the south of Spain. The "Malaga stop hostel ab" was an odd name. Actually on the outside of the building it said "Malaga sTOP Hostel" so I assume they wanted to write "Malagas Top Hostel", which... Weiterlesen →

Malaga 1/2 – Spain

The last destination on my journey through Spain was the beautiful city Malaga in the south of the country. At first, there were almost no tourists or larger crowds of people around, as it was already the end of November and rained most of the time. My first impression was quite positive nevertheless. The streets... Weiterlesen →

Guide – what to do in Barcelona?

The vibrant Spanish city Barcelona and its almost 1.7 million inhabitants welcomed me in winter 2019 to stay 2 weeks there and discover what it has to offer. Here is a summary of all the experiences I made that may help you on your stay in this beautiful city. This is a guide and suggestions... Weiterlesen →

Barcelona 2/2 – Spain

My second week started with rain and I knew it was time to change my hostel again. Its name "The Hipstel" was very fitting as I was greeted by the guy at the reception singing to reggae.I loved all the beautiful details of this accommodation. The building was old and big with many rooms and... Weiterlesen →

Barcelona 1/2 – Spain

After flying for about an hour I landed in Barcelona at around 6 pm. I could immediately sense that I am in a big city again as the whole energy was faster paced and generally more busy than in Mallorca.My first hostel in Barcelona called "St. Christophers Inn" was so perfect. I loved the old... Weiterlesen →

Guide – what to do in Mallorca?

After spending two week on this beautiful island, I asked myself what the best way to get the most out of your holiday would be. Here is a suggestions on how to spend a week in Mallora. Overall you do not need that much time to discover the most important things. I recommend going from... Weiterlesen →

Mallorca 2/2 – Spain

The second week of my time in Mallorca started with a location change. I checked into the "Urban Singular" in another part of the city called "El Terreno". It was not that close to the center but in the middle of the party scene and had the harbour right infront of the main door. I... Weiterlesen →

Self reflection

Be of service to others and give what you can. Give love, share joy, spread hope. I give to everyone I meet. Is that a mistake?

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